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Last Updated: April 13, 2014 - Parish Newsletter format changed, no longer including a Recipe Column



Beltane or May Cup Bramley Apple and Almond Soup
Bonfire Spicy Hot Chocolate Pear and Coriander Soup
Cherry Liqueur, Cherry Brandy, and Park Farm Cherry Gin Roast Parsnip Soup
Christmas Vodka Watercress Soup (with Pea Variation)
Dobson's Bramble Cordial


Geranium Rose Elixir Good Friday Fish Pie
Home Made Ginger Lemonade Prosciutto wrapped Cod & Honey Glaze
Hot Cinnamon Cider - Wassailing/New Year Roast Sea Bream with Rosemary
Lambs Wool or Gossip Bowl (Georgian) Roast Sea Trout with Leeks and Capers
Mulled Cranberry Juice Salmon and Rocket Quiche
Raspberry Liqueur St Peter's Fish (John Dory) with Red Peppers
Regent's Punch (Georgian)


Sloe (or Damson) Gin & Damson Brandy Bartlemas Beef
Smoking Bishop Beef in Ginger Beer
Strawberry Liqueur Cheese Pudding (and Collops)
- Vegetarian = leave out the Collops
Walnut Liqueur Chiddingly Hot Pot (Sussex)
Wassail Cup (New Year tradition) Christmas Leftovers - Boxing Day Pie


Coal Miner's Pie (Nottinghamshire)
Microwave Plum or Damson Jam Coronation Chicken
Microwave Soft Fruit Jam - general guidance Elizabethan Spiced Christmas Beef
Bramley Apple & Crystallised Ginger Jam Farmhouse Breakfast
Seville Orange Marmalade Fidget Pie (bacon/ham & fruit)
Cherry and Walnut Mincemeat Gloucestershire "Squab" Pie
Suetless Mincemeat (Vegetarian) Honeyed Welsh Lamb
Easy Mincemeat Lamb Tangine
No-Fuss Mincemeat Michaelmas Goose with Apples and Prunes

Pear and Fig Mincemeat

Mothers Stew (Simple comfort food)

Spiced Plum (or Damson) Chutney

Pot Roast Brisket with Christmas Spices
Gooseberry and Sultana Chutney Sausage, Bacon and caramelised Bramley Apple Pie
Pear & Green Pepper Chutney Spring Roast Lamb
Bramley Apple and Onion Pickle Stobhach Gaelach (Irish Stew)
Cranberry and Apple Chutney  

Cottage Smallholders Plum Chutney


Spiced Rhubarb Chutney Autumn Pheasant
Fragrant Cherry Chutney Pot Roast Venison in Red Wine Sauce
Gooseberry Chutney Roast Venison with Pickled Walnuts
Chunky Pear and Walnut Chutney Venison (or Beef) Under a Blanket
Christmas Chutney Accompaniments:-


Bramley Apple and Parsnip Soufflé (Christmas)
ANZAC Day Biscuits Cherry and Juniper Jus
Apple, Walnut and Cheese Loaf Rich Cheese Fritters (May Day)
Bath Buns (Georgian Period)


Belgian Chocolate and Whisky Cake (Fete Bake) Apple and Cherry Pies
Beltane Cake (and the Beltane Carline) Apple Harvest Pudding
Bird Cake for the Garden! Autumn Fruits Fudge Pudding
Bramley Apple & Cider Cake (Fete Bake) Baked Custard with Ginger
Bramley Apple and Ratafia Tart Baked Wardens (pears)
Bramley Apple Crumble Bar (Fete Bake) Bee Hive Puddings
Bride Cake Bramley Apple 'no time' Pie
Bury Simnel Cake (Mothers Day) Canterbury Tart
Butter Cream Icing (and flavours) Cherries Jubilee
Cambridge 'Rowing Eight' Cake Clipping Time Pudding
Carol Singers Pepper Cake College Pudding
Cattern Cakes (St Catherine's Day) Cranberry and Pecan Pie (Thanksgiving)
Chocolate Ginger Crunch Cumberland Rum Nicky
Chocolate Yorkshire Puddings Devonshire Rum Pudding
Christmas Cake (1940's Style) Easter Ledger Pudding
Christmas Flapjacks Eleanor of Leicester's Curd Pie
Coffee and Walnut Sandwich Cake (Fete Bake) Ember Day Tart (Holy Cross Day)
Coventry God Cakes (God's Kichels) (New Year & Easter) Feas Pudn
Cranberry Puffs (good for Christmas) Fig Sue (Bread Posset)
Devonshire Splits (Devonshire) Figgy Pudding (Palm Sunday)
English Apple Cake (Many Counties!) Frumenty (Frumenty)
Fail-safe Whisked-Up Sponge Gloucestershire White Pot (Whitsun)
Fairings Gooseberry and Elderflower Ice-cream
Fresh Ginger Cake (Hallowe'en) Hasty Pudding
German Friendship Cake (Fete Bake) Irish Potato and Apple Pudding (St Patrick's Day)
Gingerbread Husbands Kent Lenten Pudding Pie (Lent)
Golden Syrup and Walnut Sandwich Cake (Fete Bake) Kentish New Year's Pudding
Grasmere Gingerbread (Fete Bake) Lancashire Fag (or Fig) Pie
Harcake (Thor Cake) Michaelmas Dumplings
Hop Pickers - Oast Cakes Microwave Banana Pudding
Individual Christmas Cakes Microwave Treacle Sponge Pudding
Kentish Apple Gingerbread Pimms No.1 Jelly
Lamingtons (Australia Day) Plum Dump Tart
Lancashire Wake Cakes Plum Duff - Oak Apple Day
Lemon Drizzle Cake Plum, Blackberry and Sloe Gin Crumble
Maids of Honour (May Day) Poor Knights of Windsor
Mince Pyes (traditional) Queen Mary's Bombe
Mincemeat Cake NEW Rhubarb and Ginger Cheesecake
Never Fail Cake (Fete Bake) Rhubarb Cobbler Whirl
New Zealand Moist Carrot Cake Ripe Tart
Oat Bread (Warwickshire) Snow Pancakes (Shrovetide)
Pear and Stinking Bishop Tartlets St Clement's Tartlets
Pope Lady Cake (St Albans) St Nicholas Pudding
Queen Mother's Date & Walnut Cake (Fete Bake) Stir Up Sunday & Christmas Pudding
Revel Buns (Easter) Summer Fruit Jelly
Roasted Rhubarb and Custard Cake (Fete Bake) Threshing Day Pudding - Harvest
Rout Cakes (Georgian) Tipsy Laird - Burns Night
Rutland Plum Shuttles (Rutland) Whitsun Oldbury Tart (gooseberries)
Sauty Bannocks (like a scone)


Soul Cakes (traditional) Asparagus Gratin
Staffordshire Oatcakes (Staffordshire) Asparagus and Parmesan Tarts
Stem Ginger Cake (Fete bake) Baked Potato in the Bonfire
Stout Hearted Cake Carlings (Passiontide - dried peas)
Suffolk Buns (St. Edmunds Day) Christmas Raised Vegetable Pie
Traditional Bread Pudding Courgette Pie
Twelfth Night Cake Garlic, Anchovy and Cauliflower Penne
Welsh Cakes (Pice ar y Maen) Jersey Royals with Balsamic and Walnut Dressing
Whigs or Wigs (Georgian) Kent Cobnut, Avocado and Pepper Salad
Whirly Mince Pies (a tasty twist) Mediterranean Vegetable Pie
Whitsun Cake Pease Pudden


Plowman's Pottage (Plough Monday)
Apple Dumpling (Father's Day & Picnics) Roasted Beetroot with Honey and Thyme
Pokerounce (Valentine's Day) Roasted Cauliflower


Spring Greens - Stir Fry
Cyflaith (Treacle Toffee) - traditional for Welsh New Year Spring Greens with bacon
SEASONAL SUMMARIES Sprout and Almond Tart
Cherry Day special - in-season produce list Stuffed Picnic Loaf (Picnics)
  Vegetable Bake
  Winter Vegetables & Gruyère Parcels


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