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Available for hire throughout the week at an hourly rate of £15.
The chapel is an open flexible space with moveable seating, it has a well equipped kitchen and disabled toilet facilities. Please contact Roger Berryman if you are interested in hiring,

Location: At the North end of Lynsted Lane. This Chapel/Hall is central to the Communities along the A2/Greenstreet (Lynsted and Teynham Parishes), Lynsted Lane, Cellar Hill and Frognal Lane.

Site 'Extras'

WELCOME was set up in 2005 by a local volunteer to promote the use of the internet to support local voluntary and community interests in this Parish and in neighbouring communities. Since then several groups have embraced the internet and social media to created their own web-presence. We have provided links to those sites to promote those initiatives. Of course, the job is still not complete! This site is an entirely voluntary project.


A bugbear. Whether you think it worthwhile or not in the long run, please do check whether your utility companies (gas and electricity) are rolling out their "SECOND GENERATION" Meters. The First Generation is an inferior product.

The point is, the first round of meters (the ones they have been trying to force on us) stop being "smart" if you change providers to find a better deal. Yes, according to Which? (Consumer Association) your First Generation meter will go "Dumb" because those meters cannot be updated to be used by your new supplier.
The "SECOND GENERATION" meters WILL allow you to change suppliers without having to fit ANOTHER meter! You can read about this on the Guardian website.

Adopting this technology too soon, pretty much forces you to stay with one provider unless you are prepared to have another two hours of your time used to fit another meter!

The latest estimates of savings
amount to
about £11 a year! or
£26 per year
on dual fuel.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Another authoritative piece on the challenges facing communities currently suffering pollution concentrations at harmful levels.

This link gives you access to the latest advice being provided to local authorities from NICE. It also brings together in one place a few key pieces of current evidence.

Pollution and road safety in Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish
and Teynham Parish

KCC's Response: (dated 30th March) to the 120 homes planning application has now (two months later on 26th May) been put on the Planning Portal Website! The Development Applicants saw this notice (and have tried to declare a "rebuttal" in discussion with KCC - do we believe them?) in March! So, why didn't residents? I could "interpret" this two month delay but why waste my breath (scroll down a few items to find where it has been 'slotted in') - or use this link to open and download KCC's letter.


NEW - 11,500 homes plus commercial sites and new junction with the M2

Building developer's Exhibitions about plans for a large housing estate south of the A2, "off Lynsted Lane".



Pollution on A2 and estate building behind the A2 on greenfields

A2 POLLUTION and new homes along the A2 will add further to the pollution that is already harming our health.


Want to be kept in touch as this and more recent proposals unfold? Add your name and email address to our group email circulation using (maintained by a resident on the A2) or contact the Parish Council using


These can be viewed as PDF downloads using this link. Decisions and services are made on your behalf - shouldn't you find out how you might be affected? They also need more Members - you can take an active part in promoting and protecting your Parish.

Last updated: 15-Oct-2018

Additions and Updates.

  1. NEW: 11,500 homes + commercial sites between Sittingbourne and Bapchild all the way south to the M2.
  2. TEYNHAM 300+: 16/507689/OUT
  3. LYNSTED 120: 16/506237/OUT
  4. KCC Highways and Transportation Response to 120 homes proposal (dated 20th March; Posted 24th May).
  5. "Bearing Fruits" Review: Visit our Updated "Threats" Page for this and more.
  1. Andrew Bowles' Monthly Letter - September 2018: Listing visits and official attendance over that month.
    Back Number of June 2018 on housing and planning issues.
  2. KCC Bed-time Reading - the Kent Environment Strategy 2016. The county perspective on Health and Wellbeing. KCC are currently exploring implementation strategies. Download PDF Final KES Document (updated July 2016)
  3. SWALE Local Plan has been adopted.
  4. On-line scams, phishing, viruses, hijacking - a good site from which to learn more - getsafeonline
  5. Kent County Council guidance on Cybercrime and protecting your business.
  6. Annoying Marketing & Other Anonymous Phone Calls: Register your phone number with the Telephone Preference Scheme to avoid abusive, time-wasting or phishing telephone calls. Anyone calling you pretending to be your utility company will know your name and account number .... and won't mind you asking them to tell you these bits of information!
  7. fibre checkWhat about Fibre Broadband?
    If you are curious to know whether you might subscribe to fibre-broadband, test you connection using this BT Test site: .
  8. Lynsted Parish Council agendas and Minutes - decisions are made on your behalf. Make sure you are aware of changes, policies, decisions and services by visiting the Parish Council website regularly.....avoid any surprises.