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Last Updated - 11 June, 2018


17th June - 3rd Sunday of Trinity - God's solution
Newnham 9.00 am Holy Communion BCP
Oare 9.00 am Holy Communion CW
Teynham 10.30 am All Ages Family Service
Norton 10.30 am Holy Communion BCP Traditional
Doddington 10.30 am Family Service
Teynham 3.30 pm Holy Communion BCP
Lynsted 6.00 pm Breakthrough


24th June - 4th Sunday of Trinity - God's solution
Doddington 9.00 am Holy Community BCP
Teynham 10.30 am Family Service & Holy Communion
Lynsted 10.30 am Holy Communion CW
Newnham 10.30 am Family Service
Oare 10.30 am Morning Worship
Teynham 3.30 pm Evensong
Lynsted 6.00 pm Breakthrough



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