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The Leadership Team

The Ministry Leadership Team would be pleased to pray for you, or someone close to you, offer helpful support in times of need and enable you to share your burden in confidence.

Steve Lillicrap (day off Thursdays)
01795 522510  
Lis Bayford 01795 886392
Pauline Duncan 01795 520129
Les & Barbara Roberts 01795 886332
Jo Sidney 01795 521714
Bob Sutton 01795 522255
David Wood 01795 521581
Janice Wright 01795 521287
Bob Kinnear 01795 521125
Sue Baldry 01795 522975
Mary Gollop 01795 522165

Parish Administrator: Charlotte Lillicrap is available on

Message from our Leadership Team


We need you, as we need each other, to be a part of the life and growth of our church in Lynsted as it tries to serve God and be a blessing to our community. The leadership team stands ready to welcome you, to help you reconnect with God, and to encourage you to become part of what God is doing through the church in Lynsted. If you would like to learn more, please contact one of our Leadership Team - we are looking forward to welcoming you!