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- Previous "Threats" Web Page covering the land south of the A2 in Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish can be reviewed here. Kept live in case it is useful.

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National Planning Searchable Guidelines Website

  1. How much of your land is built on? BBC map may be of interest. Very "broad brush" tool. Bit of fun only.
  2. National Planning Policy Framework (2012) PDF. A key document governing planning authorities responsibilities.
  3. Ministerial Letter regarding "prematurity" and emerging Borough Plans. Read PDF
  4. National Planning Policy Guidance - online Government Resource. For the first time, planning practice guidance is easily accessible, searchable.


  1. N.I.C.E. (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) is leading a consultation on the many causes, harmful impacts and potential actions around roadside pollution for homes, pedestrians, workers, etc. (updated 1st December 2016)
  2. Department of Transport Traffic Counts for Kent. Map created by me to show which "counting points" affect the A2/AQMA5 - these (#) references are important if you are going to make sense of the huge database..or you can look at the data (including traffic types) for our stretch of the road.
  3. Swale Home Page for "Air Pollution"
  4. Swale Borough Council Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) Order No.5 (Teynham) - The reference to Teynham is shorthand for the whole community on both sides of the A2.
  5. Full Teynham Air Quality Technical Report (small PDF)
  6. Ospringe Street AQMA LAQM Further Assessment (Jan 2013) PDF.
  7. Swale Annual Reports on Local Air Quality Management (LAQM):: 2013 Report:: 2014 Report (identified "exceedence" of regulatory 'safe levels' of harmful pollution set by Europe. Note: World Health Organisation suggests much lower thresholds for "harm")
  8. Local Air Quality Management - Technical Guidance can be downloaded. (PDF 2.45Mb, 318 pages). Local Authorities carry out their duties under the Environment Act 1995 and subsequent Regulations. These Review and Assessments form the cornerstone of the system of Local Air Quality Management (LAQM).
  9. Kent Air Website - PDF downloads are corrupted for Teynham AQMA5.
  10. World Health Organisation (WHO) Technical Report on_Harmful_Air_Pollution (2013) PDF. Answers 24 questions on air pollution and health aspects.
  11. Kent Environment Strategy (March 2016) - PDF Download from KCC.
  12. WHO Report on Health Effects of Black Carbon (Harmful Particulates) (2012) PDF.
  13. WHO Health effects of Particulate Matter (2013) PDF. Good plain English introduction - written for Eastern Europe, but science remains the same.
  14. Kent Air - describing wider pollution across the Kent county

National Air Monitoring Service and Resource - Low detail at local level. National background figures.

March 2018

Update: Swale Borough Council's response to Quinn's agents about the Environmental Statement - Use this link to read SBC Letter and the opinions of the Statutory Consultation bodies.

11,250 Homes
Filling in between Sittingbourne and Lynsted Parish


Dear Residents and Neighbours,

Last year, we saw a tactical withdrawal of the proposal to develop land to the south of the A2 that falls inside Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish boundary. Why "Tactical"?

What now?

Agents working for Quinn Estates have lobbed a grenade into the Planning Department - I do not know if SBC Officials knew it was coming.

Quinn Estates have asked SBC to specify the scope and nature of an Environmental Statement (ES) in light of their massive development ambitions. To see their document, use the links in the right-hand column.

"Quinn Estates Kent Limited (hereafter known as ‘the Applicant’) is seeking to obtain planning permission for a mixed-use development including up to 11,250 residential dwellings, commercial space (circa 120,000 sq m), new infrastructure to create new junctions onto the M2 and A2 joined by a new relief road, new retail and health facilities, leisure facilities, educational facilities and community facilities at land to the south and east of Sittingbourne."

This is a very early "first step". The Planning Processes will begin to uncoil over the coming weeks and months.

If Quinn Estates keep going (they usually do), they will then have to develop detailed proposals on highways matters. KCC will lead on whether they feel the road infrastructure can support the proposals. SBC will have to unravel the balance 'harm' done to the local environment through the addition of traffic along the A2 and into the four AQMAs (Sittingbourne, Greenstreet, Ospringe).

At that stage, it will be really important to engage in either supporting or opposing the proposal.

For my money, the idea should fail AT THE VERY LEAST because:

You may have seen reports in the local newspapers where pros and cons are discussed.

If you want to refresh your memory of discussion points raised here on the Lynsted Parish proposal, follow this link. That page will remain on-line for now.

I plan here to tidy up this "Threats" home-page to focus more clearly on Quinn's idea of building on all the land between Sittingbourne and Bapchild, to the edge of Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish and south to the M2!

Currently, for reasons that escape me, there are two copies of the same application on the Planning Portal - sneaky or incompetent? You decide! There is a map.

I hope Maidstone and Swale correct this obvious nonsense.

'A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment' – published 11th January 2018 by DEFRA

To give you an idea of whether you want to download an 11Mb PDF copy. There are some technical papers under this link too. You can also register yourself to receive updates as this policy uncoils....

“This 25 Year Environment Plan sets out government action to help the natural world regain and retain good health. It aims to deliver cleaner air and water in our cities and rural landscapes, protect threatened species and provide richer wildlife habitats. It calls for an approach to agriculture, forestry, land use and fishing that puts the environment first.
.... we will work with the Devolved Administrations as we leave the EU to uphold environmental standards and go further to protect our shared natural heritage. We will continue to work with the Devolved Administrations on areas where common frameworks will need to be retained in the future. This Plan does not pre-empt these discussions.

Our policies
We will take action on a number of fronts, looking to join up policies in a way that maximises benefits and value for money. We have
identified six key areas around which action will be focused. These are:

• Using and managing land sustainably (chapter 1).
• Recovering nature and enhancing the beauty of landscapes (chapter 2).
• Connecting people with the environment to improve health and wellbeing (chapter 3).
• Increasing resource efficiency, and reducing pollution and waste (chapter 4).
• Securing clean, productive and biologically diverse seas and oceans (chapter 5).
• Protecting and improving the global environment (chapter 6).”

This makes interesting reading as background material when looking at the ideas proposed for 11,500 new homes and commercial and social sites!
What price our environment and the destruction of acres of greenfields....?

Swale Borough Plan "Bearing Fruits"
(as approved)



31st October 2017: Developers withdraw their application after running out of arguments and evidence. On 1st November, SBC confirmed they are taking no further action.....

See see all the documents here - the Planning Portal page for Lynsted Lane development papers.

Not All Documents are Equal

Remember the key issues for us are POLICY ISSUES

Every change submitted by Developers
means the 'start gun' is fired again by the SBC Planning Department.
After all, if there have been changes, SBC may assume you have changed your mind if you don't react to each change.

The 11,500 homes proposal is no different.



Useful Contact List
at the bottom of this column

Why Your Voice Matters

  1. This is your Community;
  2. The impacts are felt by visitors, householders, children and workers alike;
  3. Impacts of noise and vibration affect houses that sit close to the road;
  4. Pollution - AQMA 5 establishes the fact of harmful pollution - See full assessment.
  5. The two Parish Councils involved have a poor record of working together;
  6. Support the Borough Plan (Draft), because it supports us - no development south of the A2 and cut-down pollution on the A2. But it also supports development in Teynham Parish that will create more pollution! So keep an eye on that too!
  7. These Developers are trying to avoid the Planning Processes that say quite clearly that they should be turned down.


  1. Early days. Quinns are only asking for confirmation that they MUST submit an Environmental Statement.
  2. Follow the drift of arguments if you wish using the two duplicate links!
    *** Copy 1 has this link - 17/506492/ENVSCR - this has the most comments so far;
    *** Copy 2 has this link - .17/506551/EIASCO - fewer comments so far,

CONTACTS (copy them all in on any comments you want to make):