Strawberry Liqueur

- use vodka or gin

Use Kentish Strawberries in their natural season or other English Strawberries (non-English or domestic polytunnel-cultivated strawberries do really tend to lack flavour because they are forced).

Use in fruit salads or fruit trifles, or as a liqueur.



  1. Hull (remove the green stalk and leaves around the stalk) enough perfect Kentish strawberries to fill a preserving jar or wide necked bottle.
  2. Prick each strawberry a couple of times with a darning needle.
  3. Add caster sugar to cover about a third of the strawberries.
  4. Fill jar with vodka or gin.
  5. Close and keep in a cool dark spot for at least a month, during which the sugar will melt and the fruit will give its colour to the spirit.

You can leave the spirit on the fruit until Christmas, or strain and rebottle it. Serve as a liqueur, or use in individual fruit trifles or in fruit salads.