Christmas Leftovers - Boxing Day Pie

Next to Christmas dinner the best things often come from the leftovers. I don’t think anything gets wasted. Plenty of opportunity for bubble and squeak and a frittata or two. Here is a great recipe for using up your leftovers.

Ingredients - serves 6 to 8

20oz (560g) shortcrust pastry (it's Christmas, buy ready made and give yourself a break)  
8oz (225g) chopped cold turkey 4 heaped tablespoon chopped parsley
6oz (175g) chopped cold ham ¼ pint (150ml) leftover gravy
8oz (225g) fresh sausage meat 6 heaped tablespoons cranberry sauce
1 beaten egg  


  1. Preheat oven to 220°C/200°C (fan oven)/425°F/Gas mark 7.
  2. Mix the turkey, ham, sausage meat, parsley and gravy in a large bowl.
  3. Roll out half the pastry to line a 10inch (25cm) pie dish.
  4. Pour in and spread out half the meat mixture and cover with the cranberry sauce. Add the remaining meat mixture.
  5. Roll out the remaining pastry to form a lid. Brush the edges of the pastry base with the beaten egg and cover with the pastry lid.
  6. Seal the edge and make a vent hole.
  7. Brush the pie with beaten egg and cook for 1 hour.
  8. Allow the pie to cool completely, then slice and serve with salad and pickles.

I had been meaning to try out this recipe for about three years. I wish I had tried it sooner as it was a real success. Before this, the leftover meat was always added to a raised game pie. This is far less hassle and just as tasty.


Christmas left-overs