Cherry Day special - in-season produce list

Some favourite seasonal produce that coincides with the cherry crop

Seasonal List

Vegetable Fruit Meat Fish and Seafood *
Artichokes Blackcurrant Lamb Brown Trout
Cauliflowers Blueberries Rabbit Clams (hand raked)
Courgettes Cherries Wood Pigeon Crab (pot caught)
Cucumber Early Apples: Beauty of Bath, George Cave   Dab
Beans: Runner, French, Broad Goosberries   Dover Sole (English Channel caught)
Fennel Greengages   Flounder
Kohlrabi Loganberries   Scallop
Shallots Strawberries   Sea Bass (line caught south coast)
Aubergine Tomatoes   Sea Bream
Radishes Red Currants   Whiting (English Channel caught)

* Seasonal fish as recommended by the Marine Conservation Society, who publish numerous guides at modest prices. They also host a very informative guide to fish that you find in shops and what to look for - Fish Online.

My list is by no means exhaustive but I hope it gives you some idea of the treasure trove of tastes awaiting us. I highly recommend a trip to any of our local farm shops. I can’t resist them and find shopping in them a joy.

As an example of what this seasonal produce can offer, I stuck a pin in the list and luckily for me I hit “sea bream” (a favourite).


Seasonal Produce for Cherry Day