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WELCOME was set up in 2005 by a local volunteer to promote the use of the internet to support local voluntary and community interests in this Parish and in neighbouring communities. Since then several groups have embraced the internet and social media to created their own web-presence. We have provided links to those sites to promote those initiatives. Of course, the job is still not yet complete! This site remains an entirely voluntary project.


Lynsted Fete August Bank Holiday MondayLYNSTED FETE IS ON THE HORIZON ME HEARTIES!

LYNSTED FETE: Bank Holiday Monday (31st August) - feast yer eyes on ourrrr video...

Last updated: 26-Aug-2015

Additions and Updates

  1. Age UK VolunteeringAGE UK are In need of volunteers. Can you help in our area? If you want to know more, read this introduction
  2. KLN NEWSLETTER NEEDS YOU! The KLN Newsletter has a new editor/co-ordinator but, if the NEWSLETTER is to SURVIVE he also needs help co-ordinating advertising. Find out more.
  3. Fibre progressBROADBAND: Core Fibre-optics have been laid along A2. Apparently BT, Talk-Talk and Plusnet are taking orders for fibre connections. The key issue is whether your "green cabinet" has been "fibred".
    that PlusNet (perhaps others too) charge a premium above 'normal market rate' for those of us on the Teynham 'marginal Exchange'. Yet again, being 'rural' is more expensive and we are resigned to degraded services for more money! Give me strength! - use this link to check your postcode.